Sripiamsuk Resort

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A best place to enjoy your life

Our intention "

           Nowadays, various conditions in our daily life easily lead to stress, including worsening weather pollution and work pressure. The owner of the resort intends to develop the land of the 20 Rais from rice fields into a resort surrounded by nature, including banana plantations. The fruit is located along the canal for guests to enjoy and have a full rest. Read in the tranquility of nature and organize private family activities. This includes organizing activities to develop the potential of people in each organization.


Our Perseverance

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! It requires some effort to develop land and resort. Due to many obstacles, since the land was reclaimed, resort owners have begun to develop the area after retirement. However, working experience as a teacher can not make the work go smoothly, but we should have perseverance. Through efforts, the owners of the resort successfully developed the land and established the Sripiamsuk resort as it is today

The intention and perseverance of the resort owner reflect the intention of Sripiamsuk Resort to this day